Cordyceps Growing Tips

Congrats on choosing a Cordyceps Militaris Active Mycoculture syringe from Doom Loop Naturals! You're about to dive into a seriously fun and magical adventure of growing your very own Cordyceps at home. 

Happy growing and best wishes,
The Doom Loop Naturals Team

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Be sure to read through all the steps before you begin. You'll need:

-Your brand new Cordyceps Militaris Active Mycoculture from Doom Loop Naturals

-6 Mason Jars, (1 to mix)

-6 autoclavable grain spawn lids (lids need an injection port and air exchange patch)

-Foil (to cover the jars while pressure cooking)

-A pressure canner that can reach 15 psi  (Presto makes a good one!)

Growing Cordyceps Militaris is a straightforward task. You won't need a high-tech lab or a sprawling farm. Just maintain a cozy temperature between 60 and 70 degrees F for about 3 months, and you've conquered the trickiest part. These mushrooms thrive at this temperature range, but beware, if it gets too hot (above 70 degrees F), they turn fuzzy white … not the goal. And if it gets too cold (below 60 degrees), they may grow at a sloth's pace. Let's dive into growing these fascinating fungi.

First you need to mix up a batch of their substrate - what they grow on. In the wild they grow out of bug’s bodies. But we have an easier way to feed them in our jars. 


- 3 whole eggs with shells, blended

- 1 Tbsp light malt extract

- 1 Tbsp yeast extract

- Enough water to reach a total of 500 mL

- 45 g brown rice in each jar


  1. This recipe is as easy as making breakfast! Begin by blending 3 whole eggs with their shells.
  2. Add the light malt extract, yeast extract, and enough water to make a total of 500 mL of solution.
  3. Blend again, but wait for the foam to settle before the next step.
  4. Measure and pour 80 mL of this exciting solution into each jar, onto the 45g of brown rice.
  5. Get ready for the next step of your adventure by equipping your jars with your special lids, and topping them with tinfoil “hats." 
  6. Following your pressure cooker’s instructions, you need to pressure cook them at 15 psi for 90 minutes. 
  7. Once cooled ENTIRELY, you can use the included syringe to add 2 cc of mycoculture to each jar through the injection port. Make sure to wipe everything with alcohol pads, and flame-sterilize your needle if possible. 
  8. Store them in total darkness between 60-70 degrees for 3-4 weeks until colonized - it will be covered in mycelium (the tiny organisms that will eventually grow your Cordyceps fruits. 
  9. Remove from darkness and put them somewhere they will get gentle light for about 10-12 hours a day, but again it cannot be too hot or cold. Eventually, in about 6-8 weeks, you will have Cordyceps fruits, and you can open the jars and harvest them at this point!