Doom Loop?

Welcome to Doom Loop Naturals LLC, where the mesmerizing realm of fungi collides with the pulsating urban rhythm of destruction and rebirth.

Our brand is more than just a business; it's a bold statement of purpose. We are the purveyors of mushroom growing materials, dried mushrooms, and an array of related products that embody the spirit of transformation and sustainable urban renewal.

Embrace the vibes, from the vibrant streets of San Francisco to the far reaches of the nation. At Doom Loop Naturals, we ride the wave of the urban grind—the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth that molds our cities and defines our existence. We find inspiration in the raw power of mushrooms, those gritty change-makers that thrive amidst shadows and decay.

Doom Loop Naturals invites you to tap into the transformative power of fungi. Our mushroom growing materials enable you to cultivate your own urban oasis, where decay becomes the fertile ground for new beginnings. With our sustainable and innovative approach, you can be part of the cycle, nurturing nature's resilience within your own space.

But we don't stop at just cultivation. Our selection of functional fungi and related products brings the essence of nature's rebellious spirit to your table. Whether you seek bold flavors, healthful properties, or a touch of adventure, our products deliver an experience that resonates with the fearless and the curious, from our city streets to every corner of the nation.

Join us as we reimagine urban spaces, revive ecosystems, and foster connections that transcend borders. With Doom Loop Naturals, you can embark on a nationwide adventure fueled by the majesty of mushrooms, the resilience of nature, and the eternal rhythm of destruction and renewal.