All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag from Doom Loop Naturals

Hey there! Congrats on snagging the All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag from Doom Loop Naturals! You're about to dive into a seriously fun and magical adventure of growing your very own mushrooms at home. Our kit is super easy to use, so get ready to witness some mind-blowing nature vibes right in your own home!

Happy growing and best wishes,
The Doom Loop Naturals Team


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Be sure to read through all the steps before you begin. You'll need:

-Your brand new All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag from Doom Loop Naturals

-Your choice of fungi genetic material (spore syringe, liquid culture syringe, sold separately) These grow bags are perfect for manure-loving mushrooms like button, cremini, portobello, etc. (More aggressive species like Lions Mane will sometimes grow anyways even though it's not their favorite.)

-Lighter for flame Sterilizing

-70% isopropyl alcohol / alcohol wipes

Alright, let's go!


1. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to clean your work area. We're talking about creating a sterile paradise, or at least a place with less air movement than a snail on a lazy Sunday. Break out the 70% isopropyl alcohol or bleach wipes and give those surfaces a good scrub-down. Bye-bye, germs!

2. Now it's time to give your grow bag some TLC. Grab that alcohol or bleach and give it a wipe-down. Pay extra attention to the rubber injection port. We want that port to be cleaner than a whistle at a whistle convention.

3. Time to play doctor! Attach the needle to the syringe, but hold up a sec, Dr. Frankenstein. We need to heat the metal tip with a lighter until it's red-hot. Just be careful not to overdo it, unless you want your syringe screaming, "I'm melting!"

4. Once your needle has cooled down from its fiery transformation, it's showtime! Insert that bad boy into the rubber injection port and start injecting your genetic material like a mad scientist on a mission. Shoot for 2-4cc, but remember, more isn't always merrier. No need to drown those little mushroom superstars.

5. Syringe duties completed! Recap the needle and bid it farewell if you're not planning to reuse it. It's time to give that needle a vacation from all this poking and prodding.

6. Ah, the waiting game. Let your grain relax and colonize for a sweet 2-4 weeks. Treat it like a VIP in a warm environment between 75-80 F - It's like a tropical vacation for your fungi. (Watch the upper temps and don’t cook them - up to about 85 F degrees is the max, depending on variety.)

7. Break it down! Once the grain has fully colonized, it's time to mix things up. Grab that top substrate layer and get ready to dance. Mix it thoroughly like a master DJ at a mushroom party. We want those grains and substrate to mingle like long-lost friends.

8. More waiting? You got it! Let that substrate colonize for another 2-4 weeks. Keep the same cozy conditions as before. It's like a slow-growing symphony happening in your bag.

9. Choose your fruiting adventure! 

Option A: Cut the top seal of the bag and give your mushrooms a breath of fresh air. Don't forget to play misty with them from time to time. 

Option B: Get creative and cut crossing lines into the sides of the bag for side fruiting. It's like giving your mushrooms their own little windows to the world. Or go wild with 

Option C: Remove the bag and let your block fruit freely in a tub lined with moist perlite. It's like setting up a mushroom spa retreat.

10. Be the humidity hero! Monitor the moisture levels and mist as needed. We don't want our fungi friends to dry out or turn into waterlogged sponges. Find that sweet spot and keep those mushrooms happy and hydrated.

11. Harvest time! Grab those mushrooms like a pro. Give 'em a twist and a pull or channel your inner hairstylist and give 'em a snip at the base. Voila! You've got yourself a mushroom masterpiece.

12. Bid farewell to the block. Dispose of it like a champ or get ready for a dunking process. Give it a good soak to prepare for potential second flushes. We're talking about the mushroom equivalent of a refreshing spa treatment.

Now go forth, my fungi-loving friend, and may your mushroom-growing journey be filled with laughter and bountiful harvests!


1. Nothing is growing!

   - Sometimes spores and other genetics are slower than a tortoise in a marathon. If you've been waiting for more than two weeks and there's still no action, you can either wait another two weeks and hope for a miracle, or introduce new genetics into the bag. It's highly unlikely that the first batch will suddenly sprout, and hey, it's not like injecting the bag with a few genes and water will hurt. So give those mushrooms a little nudge!

2. I can only find 90%/99% isopropyl alcohol, is that okay?

   - Absolutely! If you're stuck with the high-octane stuff, just dilute it or wipe your surfaces twice. Remember, we're looking for cleanliness, not flammability. 

3. My mycelium is growing slower than a sloth on a coffee break, what gives?

   - Slow and steady wins the race, or so they say. Sometimes mycelium takes its sweet time. If you're using a spore syringe, be patient as it can take 1-2 weeks for those little spores to wake up and start partying.

4. There's something green/blue/purple/grey/yellow growing in my bag!

   - Congratulations, you've got a free ticket to the Contaminant Carnival! That colorful growth is likely a party crasher. Mold, bacteria, and other fungi love to gatecrash our shroom-growing extravaganza. Dispose of the bag like a hot potato and don't let the contaminants steal the show. Next time double check your cleanliness/genetics source - our bags are sterile and sealed so you can rule that out. 

5. What temperature should I keep my bag in? Does humidity matter? Lighting?

   - We recommend a cozy temperature between 70-75°F for your fungi friends. Humidity isn't a biggie since the bag keeps things contained. No need to worry unless you open the bag or remove the block, then humidity becomes a VIP. Lighting is optional; mushrooms aren't into photosynthesis, but they do enjoy some mood lighting. Just don't go overboard and give them a sunburn.

Remember, growing mushrooms requires a lot of patience and a dash of humor. If things go haywire, don't fret! Reach out to us here at Doom Loop Naturals LLC or seek guidance from the collective brains at the r/MushroomGrowers Reddit mushroom grower community (they've seen it all!). Happy growing!